Understanding Facebook Marketing Basics

Facebook Marketing

Understanding Facebook Marketing – The Basics

Facebook Marketing is an act of harnessing the reach of Facebook to the very specific user base of your choice. It is a great tool to market your product or service and increase the brand awareness as well.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing, or Internet marketing, is any methods of letting the company name know out to the public using Internet resources.

The advertisements can be varying from a subtle message to some direct sales pitching; it varies depending on the business type and the product or service.

Until very recently online marketing was restricted to the Banner Advertisement. However with the passage of time it is changing its form. The Social media marketing is new form of online marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms have emerged in a big way in the last decade, having a very powerful and HUGE following worldwide. Its impact can be measured by events such as Arab uprisings in 2011 or very recent events in southern Indian city of Chennai, where huge crowd were out in the open to protest against a judicial decision affecting their local tradition “Jallikattu” (A Bull taming game). The entire protests were organised purely through social media marketing.


Statistic: Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 3rd quarter 2016 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

As you can see the steady rise in facebook users worldwide, It is more imperative to advertise your content on the world’s most used social media platform.

Facebook Marketing

But how we can advertise our content. We have created a Facebook Page. So the very page we can advertise on Facebook as well as Instagram, using Facebook’s “Boost Post” feature. It’s nothing but advertising campaign of your page.

Let us start by going one by one into how we can advertise. Decide on which post you want to boost, To reach to maximum number of people in shortest time span.


Facebook Page

Boost your post

The “Boost Post” button on the right bottom corner as you can see, do the wonders for us. What we want to do with the advertised post. We can add different buttons as given below, Learn More is the default button which will take visitor to our website.



Other options are

fbboost button options

This depends on our intentions with the post.

Define your audience

Now it’s time for us to define who will see our advertisement. Facebook has given this beautiful feature of giving you an option to filter the audience.




Plus the Interests of the people to refine further down.



There is no point in showing your “Delicious Pasta Dish” ads to users with Marketing Interests.  You can chose to run the ad on Instagram as well.

A word of caution from my experience. I selected to run the promotion on Instagram and it ran only on Instgram and not on Facebook. So be sure where you want to run the promotion


Choose your budget

Choose your budget. This is the most important part, which will ultimately decide how many users your promotion can target and for how many days. Bucks stops here. 😉



I ran a small promotion, to give the insight for this post. The result for which I will show in some time.



Tracking of your visitors possible using the Facebook Pixel if you have created. The Facebook pixel is a piece of JavaScript code for your website that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. This enables you to track the user navigation on your website using different devices. It can be leveraged further for more effective facebook campaigns.

Let’s Preview the advertisement

This is how your promotion would look on the desktop device, It is shown on the right hand pane of the Boost Post window. You can make yourself sure on how the ads will be displayed on different devices.

fbboost desktop preview

Mobile Preview. This is again important as large number of audiences will be looking at your ad from the mobile devices. For that matter even larger than desktop users are on mobile devices.

fbboost mobile preview

If you have selected to run the ad on Instagram, this will give you a preview of how it will be displayed on Instagram.

fbboost instagram preview

You need to make advanced payments once you save these options. Credit Card, Net Banking,  Paytm Mobile Wallet options are available for Indian viewers, This may vary depending on the country where you are in.fbboost add monyfbboost add mony option

Facebook reviews the submission, Once you make a payment. Facebook make it sure that your campaign is following Facebook Advertising Policies.

fbboost review

The review process take not more than 15 minutes.  You get an email on approval of your advert and advertisement starts delivering on the Facebook.

you can see the progress on your Page screen.

fbbost status

If you click on number of people reached, You will get more insights on How the people are reacting to your advertisement.

Note: Make sure that your advert image should not have more text, as It may have impact on how the people react to your website, It may get very few engagements. We shall discuss about the Insights in details in other article.

Now decide on what you may be advertising, create some catchy image and shoot. If you use Facebook Marketing wisely, you should get the best results for your marketing endeavours. Let’s discuss in comments what was your experience with facebook ads.