SEO Search Engine Optimization and why you should do it.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

We are hearing this term in online world more often. But what is SEO means?. Why should I do the search engine optimisation for my website? Should I pay hefty amount to those SEO companies? Understanding the basics is equally important in your digital marketing scheme of things.


It is a technique to mark your presence on the internet search results.  It is a technique to stand apart from the hundreds of thousands if not millions of websites on the search results page. There are various aspects associated with it, which includes how to present your website to the search engine bots/crawler. Bots or crawlers are software that are used by search engine companies to crawl through your website to collect and analyse data.

Content should be original and friendly to google bots as well as humans. Just like good person and a bad person, in SEO world also there are two terms used, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.
White Hat SEO is ethical practice of optimising the content for the humans as well as search engines.

Black Hat SEO is way of optimising the website content for search engines only. An unethical and sureshot way of sabotaging your website ranking in search results.

The first and foremost requirement for better SEO results is originality. Your content has to be original.

The words may sound simpler than the action; however it is not hard rock subject.

Why we need SEO?

Content is the king, and content should be original and informative, which will attract users to your website. But how?

How would people know that one of the best article on their wishlist is present on your website. People search information primarily through Web search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are other search engines and directories like DMOZ. Majority of the web traffic is driven by these search engines. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest also have their share of driving the web traffic.

Users key in the search phrase for the help they require.  Search engines then get the most relevant stored data, they analysed by crawling the websites. Search engine  has to know your website well, You have to feed some inputs to the search engine like, What your website is all about? What type of content your website has? What are the keywords/ phrases you would like to attract?

The basic principle here is any search engine or social media platform to drive good traffic to your website, it has to know your website very well to match the relevance of the search phrase entered and the content on website.

These bots are very smart, although they need some guidance to start with. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play. We need to organise our content for human as well as search engines.

Characteristics of good content for human as well as Search Engines.

Original Content, No Copy Pasting tolerated in the long run – Bots / Crawler softwares are smart enough and constantly evolving themselves to pick up the original text and copy-paste text.

Content has to be relevant– the content has to be relevant and make sense. The URL, Title and the Content has to be relevant with each other.

Links to the external authority websites and credits to the source of information if you have mentioned it, do matter. suggesting you have done some research.

Regular update to the post. just like we humans weed out rotten and unused things, Search engines do push down the rank of your content if not updated regularly.

Syntactically correct content.  

The Search engine optimization is nothing but giving the right, informative and original content without grammatical mistakes and should be human readable. If it is human readable and authority content, people will share your content without being asked for and keep coming back to your website frequently, If their problems are resolved from your posts and It will improve your ranking as a result, turning you into an authority on that topic.

By some basic knowledge and reading even a newbie for the internet also can do it to its website.