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how to create your first website using wordpress

WordPress website

You are at the right place if you are searching for how to create your first website using wordpress.

Now you have already registered your domain name and selected your web hosting package also. I am assuming you have selected Linux based web hosting and preparing for your first WordPress based website.

WordPress is Linux based CMS (Content Management System) where you can design website using loads of readymade themes and plugins.

With the help of this you can concentrate more on your business rather than technicalities of website creation.

We will create the website using WordPress in 10 easy steps.

Email Address

Create Email Address for your website in cPanel (Control Panel)

In cPanel control panel which typically comes with your web hosting package, create Email addresses for your day to day work. I would suggest you create at least following email addresses as bare minimum.

  • your.name@yourdomain.com – Your personal Business email for your website
  • subscriptions@yourdomain.com – All subscriptions/ un-subscription request
  • info@yourdomain.com – All User comments and feedback from the website contact us form
  • contact@yourdomain.com – All comments and replies from the website post’s comments section.
  • Install WordPress in your website using One-Click Installer service.

You can Install WordPress using the One-Click Installer service provided in the cPanel of your website. There are other options as well, like just like WordPress there are other CMS which available free of cost to you e.g: Drupal, Magneto, Joomla etc. you can create your website in these CMS as well.

WordPress Themes

Select and apply the theme which is most liked by you. Go to Dashboard Appearance >> Themes or Change your theme button where you will find loads of themes. You can select any theme which you like. The theme can be selected based on your website theme or type of data to be presented.  Twenty Seventeen is the by default and latest theme. As of WordPress 4.7x version.

A Child Theme

Create copy of the theme selected. This is called as a Child Theme. Once wordpress is installed, Go to the File Manager of your website and locate the folder where just selected and activated theme is located. Copy the content into another folder under the same parent of selected theme folder. Rename this folder to any name of your choice. Open the Style.css in this new folder and rename the theme name as shown in the image. This will ensure the child theme creation.

Must have Wordpress Plugins

Install Plugins like Akismet, Contact Form, Newsletter, social sharing and Google Analytics to engage the users

These plugins are required for smooth functioning, value additions and user engagements during the website run. We shall discuss each plugin

Akismet – This plugin is required for filtering out SPAM comments.

Contact Form – This plugin enables us to create Contact form on Contact us page or about us page. This has a feature of different type of contact forms. We just need to put the short code generated by the plugin, where we need to put the contact form.

Squirrly – Squirrly is beautiful plugin which helps you while typing your article how to optimise your article for a keyword for  search engine. Now in this article “how to create your first website using wordpress” is also written using squirrly.

MailChimp for WP – This plugin shows the newsletter subscription form on all pages. We need to have subscribe newsletter form on all pages, we need to add this widgets in side bar from the dashboard.

URL Structure

Change Website URL Structure – Permalink. This comes handy when we want the URL to be humanly readable, which is again SEO friendly. If we put %category%/%postname% then the url would look like e.g: carryondigitalmarketing.com/wordpress/for-starters

WordPress Categories

Organize your content in different WordPress Categories. You need to organize your content in such a way that each article would represent some or other category of writing. Search Engine Optimization considers phrasing of URL therefore it is also important from Google Search perspective while searching for the correct content.


Assign different keywords to each posts and pages. Each article should contain a list of keywords associated with it, WordPress gives us the provision of adding Tags per blog post. This helps in betterment of Google page rank as well. e.g: “How to create your first website using wordpress”

Posts and Pages

Create content using Posts and Pages. Write articles on different topics based on your interest selected and category applicable. Select the appropriate category name for each post. Which will enhance the SEO. Give title to the blog post. The title should give clear idea to the user about the problem being solved. E.g: “How to create your first Website using WordPress” and emphasize content around that title only.

Publish content.

Click on publish button to publish the post, Now it is available to public for reading.

what is digital marketing

what is digital marketing

what is digital marketing? this has become more important question in the current age of digitization. In this article I will try to explain in the simplest possible way the basic questions about Digital Marketing.






What is digital marketing?

It is an umbrella term used for any marketing activity performed using Digital / Electronic Media. It is one of the most cost effective way of reaching your targeted audience in the shortest possible time.

There are various ways in which you can market your product / service digitally.

  1. Online Methods
  2. Web Marketing.
  3. Search Engine Marketing.
  4. Search Engine Optimization.
  5. Social Media Marketing.
  6. Offline Methods
  7. Electronic Billboards
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Television Marketing

However digital marketing term has become more synonymous with Online Marketing, We will look into online methods only.


Why Digital Marketing?

Globally, digital advertising budget is set to touch USD 278 billion by 2019; there will be more than 150,000 new digital marketing jobs in India by 2020, and Gartner’s 2015 CMO survey found that companies no longer think of it as a special domain of marketing. Nowadays almost all marketing is online.

Online Marketing, is providing a last mile reach for the product or services offered. As per recent statistics, India has estimated to have 34 Crores plus of Smartphones by the year 2017.

According to http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users/india/, nearly 34.8% of the population of India has access to the internet. This is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

Looking at these figures, one may not think twice before delving into digital marketing of its businesses. There are far less people available to do the job and far more opportunities exists for those who want to make their career in this field of Online Marketing.

The Scenario

People do not go online nowadays, they spend considerable time of their lifespan there. Whenever people feel like exploring things or need some information, they turn to the Internet. Searching for their requirement, this is the moment when businesses can capture the attention of their prospective clients and hold on to it, to convert it into sale and close it.

So how to capture those moments, this is the challenge and I will share all my experience with you through the jungle and jargon of digital marketing, so that you will improve your business sales as well as online presence. That too in a very cost effective way.

Online Marketing can enhance the reach of your business and utilities/ tools are available with which one can increase the engagement with the customer, making a sticky point, where customer will come again and again to your businesses and increase your business sales and reputation.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is part of the Online Marketing strategy and it is extremely beneficial in engaging the existing customers or prospective customers to repeatedly return to your online business or your brick and mortar style business location.

These Social Media Marketing tools are not a rocket science, just we have to learn how to train yourself to these new age marketing tools. If you use these tools wisely you can increase your sales year after year efficiently.

You website on Internet is found by the content inside it. How content rich your website is? This is the only parameter which will survive you in this age of Information.

The Search Engines

People typically search using google.com or yahoo.com or bing.com. There are other search engines present as well, however these are the most widely used search engines and our websites should be very receptive to these websites, so that these search engines will rank your website higher.

You can make money online with the help of digital marketing techniques.