Increase website signups

How to increase website signups

What is signup on your website? It is nothing but an engagement on your website with visitors. Signing up of visitors, for your services is one of them. increase website signups is an important activity in your digital marketing exercise. When visitor signs up at your website, visitor has already made up its mind to use services or products offered on your website.

Different types of engagements

  1. Signing up for the services or products offered by your website.
  2. Sharing your content on social media using Facebook, Twitter, PInterest etc.
  3. Liking your post on social media
  4. Subscribing for newsletters released from your website time to time.
  5. Responding to survey form
  6. Giving Feedback to your articles/ blogs
  7. Leaving contact details at your contact us form
  8. Chatting online with your sales rep.

From the above list we shall talk about signing up for services.

The users generally signs up for the service or product you are offering, if they like it. The Content or service has to be awesome! or should have some value addition. There is no exception on that part. Assuming your services, content or products on offer are awesome or having a value added in your offering. You can try following things.

Steps to increase website signups

  1. Give a one click or easy to install demo of the product or services in question.
  2. You can go for some free ebooks explaining your offerings and its benefits.
  3. Give details of your sales representatives and ask visitor to leave its contact details, so that you can reach the customer within 24-48 hours, this depends on the services offered.
  4. If you can provide a chat facility to the visitors for first hand query resolution, this will help building confidence in your offerings. Hitsteps is wordpress plugin which gives you chat facility as well along with analytics
  5. Give a 30 day money back guarantee or so if possible on your offerings, that increases customer confidence in signing up for your service.
  6. If you are already having customers then get the customers’ testimonials and put it on your website
  7. Customer’s image (its official representative) along with customer testimonials would be an added advantage.
  8. If you have a video of what customers are saying about your offerings, then it adds an authenticity in what you are claiming on your service/ products.

There is always an importance of Search engine optimisation for prospective customers to come to know about your website and offerings.

These steps to increase signups may help you achieve you large customer base. Let me know for your feedback about this blog.