Content writing for your website

Content writing for your website

– A Case Study.

Content writing for your website can be a painstaking work. Because once you have your website created and in place. you have also understood why there is a need to have search engine optimisation, for your website marketing. For all this to work the way we want, there should be a good amount of content written on our website pages and that too should come on the first page of search engine results page. Now the question comes to your mind, how to do it.

How to write content for your website?

This question arises for many people as they are not born writers. Even for people with good writing skill writer’s block comes into play. As per Wikipedia.

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. Throughout history, writer’s block has been a documented problem.

The Solution

We do not need to worry much about this. We have saviour in the form of Google and other search engines to help us out. You must be wondering how?  We know that we are writing for humans to read and take action on it. Simultaneously we need to take Search Engines into considerations as well.

Let’s see this step by step

So let us take a case study to write content about “Cotton Candy”, the kids’ most favourite food item. Open in your favourite browser and search for “Cotton Candy” in it.

Let’s analyse what comes out of it.

cotton candy search result

There are about 29.5 Million search results presented by Google. That’s too good, right.  That means lot of people are writing and searching for the cotton candy.  Let us go down to the bottom of the page and what we see here is

cotton candy related search

Here you will get the idea about what to write in your website. The related searches what you see in the above pictures are what people are searching for on the internet. You have to write about that in you website to rank a notch above your competitors.  We will see this one by one shortly.

What to write

This is the second step in content writing for your website.

Let’s examine all related search results.


Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy

Here you can write about your pre packaged cotton candy products details, its attractive images. May be some videos you might have prepared for your products.

Cotton Candy Calories, Ingredients

People are very much health and calorie conscious nowadays.  Although cotton candy is 99% sugar, you can specify how much the calorie metrics here. What content and flavouring agents you are using to manufacture your delicious cotton candy products. You can also attach a laboratory report to indicate how much calorie and vitamins and nutrient value it has. You can show a table nutrient value tables, or actual Laboratory report here.

Cotton Candy Recipe

You do not need to expose the proprietary or confidential trade secrets of your cotton candy product flavours. However If you pose it to be more open to the visitors, people will start increase their confidence in your products. Ultimately it will increase your business.  You can shoot a video of your production unit and show it to visitors to amply reassure them that you are following the most hygienic and standardised processes to manufacture your cotton candy.

Where to buy Cotton Candy

Now this is point where you can have call for action for the user.  Specify all locations with their contact details where visitor can buy your delicious cotton candy. Indicate shipping charges, If any specifically. Highlight discounts, Offers, Coupon Codes if any. If you have online store on your website, redirect visitor there. If you have your products listed on amazon, eBay or any other online marketplaces, redirect visitor to that page.

How to make cotton candy

Shoot a Do-It-Yourself video and explain users how to make a candy, may be a very basic version, and ask for purchase of a specialised flavours from you.
Now let’s go inside of one of the link down there. We will take an example of “cotton candy ingredients” click on the link to search for this term.  Look at the results.


As you can see Ingredients of cotton candy is freely available on the internet so no point of hiding it for your products, rather highlight the best or most healthy ingredient in your products. You can advertise your product in shown like there. We shall look into it on different post. Now here as well if you go to the bottom of the page


Going forward

You can browse for other related terms to get the ideas about content writing for your website. If you are already having experience into that particular subject of interest then it is just a matter of getting the headlines to start with. The content should be human readable and for humans and therefore you should not write FOR Search engines, rather you MUST think and place your keywords and phrases strategically so that it will be search engine friendly also. However it should be secondary focus not the primary.

squirlly banner


Available Plugins

You can make use of plugins such as Squirrly or Yoast SEO WordPress plugins to help you organise your post text for search engine while you write. Even a basic free version is also of tremendous help. It depends on your website and its content and your business, if you are really serious about your online business I would recommend you to purchase the license.

Now you should not worry about content writing for your website and enjoy growing your business online.