How to Monetise a website – A simple approach

Monetise a website

We all dream of monetising our website some or the other way. Many a times we do not know how to monetise a website. In this article we will see what are the ways in which we can monetise a website.

There are basically two ways to make money from your website.

Direct or Instant Method

In this approach, we sell products or services directly to the customers.

Sell your Product

If you have any products to sell you can easily set up the shopping cart.  When user purchases any of your products you get money in your account, hence it is direct way of making money. If you are using wordpress then try out WooCommerce shopping cart plugin.

Shopify is another website which you can try. They help you setup your store front on shopify and you are on. They have a monthly pricing model where you will be charged per month, for setting and running your shop on shopify platform.

The another scenario is where you have different shopping cart and you need to integrate payment gateway for processing the payment from the customers.

Sell your Service

If you have any service, subscription which you can rent out, then this can become a steady source of income for you. the only catch is service has to be compelling, where user has to stick to your service. Various examples of services which you can sell are

These are some of the examples of selling a service.

How to accept payment

Unless you accept  money from your customer all your  exercise would be futile. This involves setting up a shopping cart. Getting a merchant account with payment gateway.  Some of the Payment Gateways which you can try out:

  • CCAVenue
  • PayUBiz
  • Payumoney
  • 2Checkout
  • Zaapkay

These payment gateways accepts payments through Netbanking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Mobile Wallets etc.

you need to check which payment gateway gives you the best offer.

Indirect Method

These are the methods where you are not selling any product or services of your own. Rather you are advertising products or services for other providers. If someone engages with the advertisements you are displaying then depending on the business model adapted,  you get paid.

Lets list down some of the major such methods of making money from your website.

Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the most popular way of monetising a website. The most popular network is amazon without doubt. You need to signup for the affiliate program at or depending on your target audience. This involves displaying advertisements or writing reviews of the products or services from the marketplaces like amazon.

If the visitor makes a purchase through the link provided by you on your website, you become eligible for the affiliate commission, which will be settled monthly to your bank account.

Amazon India commission structure

Amazon US commission structure

you can select your niche and decide on product category which would be more suitable for your website.

In Text Contextual Advertising

This is another area where you can earn lot of money. Provided your website is rich in keywords which advertisers are looking for. This is least intruding experience for the visitor who is reading something on your website.

Since advertisements doesn’t appear unless user hovers the mouse over the keyword double underlined. The Javascript displays ad pop-ups on hovering mouse over it. The script engine matches the keyword and decides which advertisement to be displayed.

Some leading names in providing Contextual advertising network are





Google Adsense

It has different  model than the two discussed above.  It works on pay per click model. You as a publisher gets paid only when someone clicks on the advertisement placed on your web page. Google has a very stringent rules for get qualified for the placement of Google Adsense ads.

What are the alternatives

Some very good alternatives to the Google Adsense are



Amazon display ads

What is the solution

You might be wondering why I am listing out so small list of ways to monetise a website.  The reason is there are hundreds of ways and means,  however I don’t want to bog you down with such options and distract your main business of creating content. However we shall discuss each of these options in detail at a later stage. Enjoy creating content and start making money from your website.  Let’s monetise a website.