Blog security simple tips and tricks

Blog Security

Blog security

This is paramount concern for almost all of us. We will discuss something which we can do to prevent our blogs or website from being hacked.

Although hackers are always a step ahead of many of us, because we as a blogger, generally non geeks, so sometimes faces hard time securing our blogs or websites.

Since Most of us are using WordPress for writing our blogs, I will suggest some points with WordPress in consideration. Few tools which are freely available as a WordPress plugin can be used as a defence against hackers or anything which can be termed as illegal access.

Some wordpress plugins


You use comments section as a effective medium for engaging visitors. However there is always a threat that someone might spam your website with unsolicited messages. Even some really bad links placed as  back links, which ultimately hampers your website’s search engine ranking.

Akismet is installed along with the WordPress installation. So just go to the plugins page and activate the p


Akismet is WordPress plugin which filters the spammy messages and administrator has to intervene and see and decide which messages are really spam or genuine. Some messages do appear as a genuine even though they are spam. This trick we can learn with experience and some extensive reading overtime.


This is one more plugin which comes with the WordPress installation. It is useful in blocking brut force attack from certain IP address after certain number of retries.

If someone tries to login to your WordPress login and failed for more than the specified number of attempts, you as a admin get an email alert. You can quickly get into touch with your housing people to take some quick action.


This is another plugin which fences your website with application firewall. With 22 million+  downloads it is one of the most trusted security available on the wordpress. It has a threat defence feed which continuously updates the plugin with latest firewall rules, malware signatures, malicious IP addresses to keep it updated to fight against the possible threats to your website. It includes web application firewall and malware scanner to keep the website safe and secure. WordPress admin gets an security email alert and allows you to take some prompt action to safeguard your website. You can see the live traffic feed and check who are the humans who is on your website or who are bots crawling your website.

Live Traffic using Wordfence

Live Traffic using Wordfence

The above image shows you that first two hits are from crawlers/ bots while the third record is from a human. The user is using Microsoft IE ver 11  on windows 8.1. The user is from Montreal , Canada. This is very useful information for taking any action if you want to.

Bulletproof Security

This is one more wordpress plugin which safeguards login , database and backup security. Database backup logging, security logging, HTTP error logging, login security and monitoring, Idle session logout are some of the good features it has into its free version. Pro version has data comparison tool, read only file locking along with the free version features. I am currently studying this plugin so I will definitely post more on this plugin at some later stage.


This is not exactly a security plugin however it is still helpful in backing up your heart of the business that’s correct! The Content of your website. The blog security does include the backing up the existing data, plugins, images, and written text. Backupguard comes handy when you lose your website content due to any unforeseen or out of control event. You can restore your blog within minutes if you have a backup at your disposal.

What else can we do for a blog Security?

The above are some of the few points you can certainly go for, to ensure a blog security. However one more thing which is very basic in nature, is before publishing the blog to the internet, prepare a document may be a word file or pdf file having all the content of your blog. Keep it safe at at multiple places of your choice like local hard disk, CD or USB Drive or even to a Google Drive.

Do share your experiences and any feedback about the above mentioned plugins.

How to Monetise a website – A simple approach

Monetise a website

Monetise a website

We all dream of monetising our website some or the other way. Many a times we do not know how to monetise a website. In this article we will see what are the ways in which we can monetise a website.

There are basically two ways to make money from your website.

Direct or Instant Method

In this approach, we sell products or services directly to the customers.

Sell your Product

If you have any products to sell you can easily set up the shopping cart.  When user purchases any of your products you get money in your account, hence it is direct way of making money. If you are using wordpress then try out WooCommerce shopping cart plugin.

Shopify is another website which you can try. They help you setup your store front on shopify and you are on. They have a monthly pricing model where you will be charged per month, for setting and running your shop on shopify platform.

The another scenario is where you have different shopping cart and you need to integrate payment gateway for processing the payment from the customers.

Sell your Service

If you have any service, subscription which you can rent out, then this can become a steady source of income for you. the only catch is service has to be compelling, where user has to stick to your service. Various examples of services which you can sell are

These are some of the examples of selling a service.

How to accept payment

Unless you accept  money from your customer all your  exercise would be futile. This involves setting up a shopping cart. Getting a merchant account with payment gateway.  Some of the Payment Gateways which you can try out:

  • CCAVenue
  • PayUBiz
  • Payumoney
  • 2Checkout
  • Zaapkay

These payment gateways accepts payments through Netbanking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Mobile Wallets etc.

you need to check which payment gateway gives you the best offer.

Indirect Method

These are the methods where you are not selling any product or services of your own. Rather you are advertising products or services for other providers. If someone engages with the advertisements you are displaying then depending on the business model adapted,  you get paid.

Lets list down some of the major such methods of making money from your website.

Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the most popular way of monetising a website. The most popular network is amazon without doubt. You need to signup for the affiliate program at or depending on your target audience. This involves displaying advertisements or writing reviews of the products or services from the marketplaces like amazon.

If the visitor makes a purchase through the link provided by you on your website, you become eligible for the affiliate commission, which will be settled monthly to your bank account.

Amazon India commission structure

Amazon US commission structure

you can select your niche and decide on product category which would be more suitable for your website.

In Text Contextual Advertising

This is another area where you can earn lot of money. Provided your website is rich in keywords which advertisers are looking for. This is least intruding experience for the visitor who is reading something on your website.

Since advertisements doesn’t appear unless user hovers the mouse over the keyword double underlined. The Javascript displays ad pop-ups on hovering mouse over it. The script engine matches the keyword and decides which advertisement to be displayed.

Some leading names in providing Contextual advertising network are





Google Adsense

It has different  model than the two discussed above.  It works on pay per click model. You as a publisher gets paid only when someone clicks on the advertisement placed on your web page. Google has a very stringent rules for get qualified for the placement of Google Adsense ads.

What are the alternatives

Some very good alternatives to the Google Adsense are



Amazon display ads

What is the solution

You might be wondering why I am listing out so small list of ways to monetise a website.  The reason is there are hundreds of ways and means,  however I don’t want to bog you down with such options and distract your main business of creating content. However we shall discuss each of these options in detail at a later stage. Enjoy creating content and start making money from your website.  Let’s monetise a website.

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing Basics is a required skillset in the times in the Digital Marketing world. What is this Affiliate Marketing, We shall take a look at this topic in this article.

What is an affiliate marketing?

It is an incentive based marketing strategy where the merchant shells out certain amount (in percentage or absolute amount) to the affiliate marketer for each visitor brought by its website link.

Payment is subject to certain necessary actions by the visitor like

  1. Purchasing the product or service provided by the merchant.
  2. Signing up for the certain product or service from the merchant.
  3. spreading the word by way of sharing on twitter or click on Facebook Like button.

The action could be anything legitimate that would bring business to the merchant. The traffic brought by the affiliate to the merchant should be by affiliate’s own effort.

Key entities in Affiliate Marketing

There are 3 entities which play a vital role in defining affiliate marketing business as a whole.

  1. Advertise
    The merchant or an advertiser may provide banner advertisements or product links which would take the visitor to the merchant site. This redirection involves affiliate code for tracking purpose resulting in affiliate commision if the visitor purchases something from the merchant website.  This is the one who sells the products like electronic gadgets or selling services like web hosting. This is basically the merchant website.
  2. Publisher
    This is the one who publishes advertisements. publisher includes blogs, product or service review websites. These website publishes the advertisements. Nowadays advertisements are limited to header banner or side banner, they come in variety of formats like inline or contextual advertisements, search bar as provided by amazon, video advertisements etc.
  3. Affiliate Network
    This entity comes into picture, since the publishers majority being an individual most of the times, it is almost impossible to cover maximum advertisers on the internet. This is true for advertiser as well to reach the maximum number of publishers own their own. Affiliate Network companies provide the much needed platform to enable advertiser and publisher come together on one platform so that they can select each other carefully to match their respective domain and expertise, before entering a contract.

What is an affiliate code?

So what is an affiliate code? This is typically 3-5 alphanumeric unique code given to each affiliate marketer for tracking movements and actions performed by visitors who are coming from the affiliate website. This is performed using a cookie which resides on the visitor’s computer for the period specified by the merchant. It can vary from 1 day till 1 month as well.

 What is Affiliate Sales?

Any sale occurred on Merchant website and tracked to the visitor sent by any of the affiliate website, is called Affiliate sales.

Affiliate websites makes money using this model. The Affiliate commission is varying for different product categories and different merchant websites.

It can range from 1% till even up to 40% affiliate commission. It all depends on the product category which was marketed by affiliate website and the merchant website.

All such sales are credited to the affiliate marketer and commissions accrued are created to the affiliate account. Many affiliate marketing websites put a restriction of certain amount before you can claim your affiliate commission. You need to read their terms and conditions before signing up.

What is an affiliate Web site?

Any website marketing or showcasing any other’s products and sending visitors to the respective merchant website for completing the sales action, can be termed as affiliate website. There are various types of affiliate websites exists such as

Product Review Websites

This type of affiliates writes reviews about different products or services. This could be by experiencing the product or service themselves or could be based on the feedback received from the friends and the closed ones. If you are a well-known evaluator or reviewer in the said field, the manufacturer can also come to you, give you the trial run for the product and asks you write a review for its product or service. It is nearly impossible to write reviews for all the products from amazon or eBay. Broad categories of the product review websites are,

  1. Write review based on news articles
  2. A close source who has already experienced the product,
  3. Request for review by the manufacturer or service provider or service
  4. Plain copy – twist and paste the content from other websites.

Example of this type of website can be

If you can write gluey and convincing product reviews then Product reviews affiliate marketing can be for you. This type of websites requires lot of convincing power as people normally come here in search of information since they have not prepared themselves for any purchase decision.

Comparison Websites 

This type of websites provide products with prices from different merchant websites. An example is Google Shopping, These websites aggregates prices for the same product from various websites. A best example can be Compareraja or Pricegrabber. This is quite helpful for visitors who have at least have made up their mind about what to purchase and comparing the prices on different websites. They are checking if it is in their spending capacity or not.
In my personal opinion you have to have bit of PHP or ASP.NET coding knowledge for you to go for comparison websites or ready to shell out money to buy these tools, which can fill your website with same products from different websites and their details. This can prove to be the most tedious work of the lot.

Voucher / Coupon Codes

These websites offer discount voucher or coupon codes for various websites. Visitor can use this for the purchase and save some money. A good example is
Coupon networks like admitad, provides the deals and coupon codes for your selected niches. Register yourself there. This type of website as per my opinion requires very less convincing power as visitors are already in buying mode, and that is the reason they are looking for discount vouchers or coupons.

Best or Unique of the Categories

Some websites like lists some of the best or weird or very unique items on their website. You can select your own niche and start accumulating products from the different websites, signup for their affiliate program and start collecting the products in your niche. If you have a good knack of selecting the best product out of the lot then you can think of Best or Unique of the Categories affiliate marketing.

What type of affiliate website should I start.

This is totally depends on what you love. How much time you can dedicate? All types do consume lot of your time and energy. Few tools are available for downloading products from amazon and eBay alike. However you need to segregate the best of the lot and put it on your website.

 Select a Niche

Why I was repeating on the word niche? Finding your niche becomes prudent for your success because everyone cannot be the Walmart or Amazon, be it online or offline. Walmart and Amazon alike stores / marketplaces have literally everything with them you need in your daily life so it becomes prudent to filter down your niche since it increases your chances of profitability.

Find out the affiliate programs running in your niche. To Start with Amazon and eBay are the good choices, as they have almost all categories under the sun and chances are yours may be one of them.

Understanding affiliate marketing basics is absolutely required in addition to identifying your niche. Let me know what is your niche so that I will come up with what are the best affiliate programs for those respective categories.

Increase website signups

increase website signups

How to increase website signups

What is signup on your website? It is nothing but an engagement on your website with visitors. Signing up of visitors, for your services is one of them. increase website signups is an important activity in your digital marketing exercise. When visitor signs up at your website, visitor has already made up its mind to use services or products offered on your website.

Different types of engagements

  1. Signing up for the services or products offered by your website.
  2. Sharing your content on social media using Facebook, Twitter, PInterest etc.
  3. Liking your post on social media
  4. Subscribing for newsletters released from your website time to time.
  5. Responding to survey form
  6. Giving Feedback to your articles/ blogs
  7. Leaving contact details at your contact us form
  8. Chatting online with your sales rep.

From the above list we shall talk about signing up for services.

The users generally signs up for the service or product you are offering, if they like it. The Content or service has to be awesome! or should have some value addition. There is no exception on that part. Assuming your services, content or products on offer are awesome or having a value added in your offering. You can try following things.

Steps to increase website signups

  1. Give a one click or easy to install demo of the product or services in question.
  2. You can go for some free ebooks explaining your offerings and its benefits.
  3. Give details of your sales representatives and ask visitor to leave its contact details, so that you can reach the customer within 24-48 hours, this depends on the services offered.
  4. If you can provide a chat facility to the visitors for first hand query resolution, this will help building confidence in your offerings. Hitsteps is wordpress plugin which gives you chat facility as well along with analytics
  5. Give a 30 day money back guarantee or so if possible on your offerings, that increases customer confidence in signing up for your service.
  6. If you are already having customers then get the customers’ testimonials and put it on your website
  7. Customer’s image (its official representative) along with customer testimonials would be an added advantage.
  8. If you have a video of what customers are saying about your offerings, then it adds an authenticity in what you are claiming on your service/ products.

There is always an importance of Search engine optimisation for prospective customers to come to know about your website and offerings.

These steps to increase signups may help you achieve you large customer base. Let me know for your feedback about this blog.



Find your niche in 4 easy Steps

Find your niche

Find your niche

Are you worried and cannot find your niche. Everyone cannot be the Walmart, amazon or eBay, be it online or offline, which stores literally everything you need from getting up at morning till you drop dead on your bed.

As go down filter your niche, chances of your profitability grows. Read on how to select your niche in 4 easy steps. This selection process of your niche has nothing to do with online or offline career. It is a general guideline to achieve your goal, however you can apply it to your blogging career without second thought.

The Solution

There are various articles available on the internet showing the profitable niche areas where you can try yourself as a blogger or in online career. I am asking you the other way round. First find the niche area which you like or you are master at, then  everything shall fall in line.

Step 1.

Write down all the things which you love to do in present or would love to do if given a chance, also write possible ways of generating revenue out of it by solving others problem. Everyone else’s problem could be your opportunity. solving others problem is the key. People pay for anything that would solve their problem. Keep this in mind.

For example

A.  Swimming 
Possible business opportunities are
           - I can be swimming participants in various tournaments
           - Write blogs about swimming
           - Train others on swimming
B.  Software programming

                          – Participate in style online bidding.
– Create custom software for the people I know and increase your network with the people you know.                              – Write blogs about coding and its issues and solutions.

C.  Equity market trading
           - Actual trading on stock market
           - Giving tips and writing blogs and charging money for help in selection of correct scrip.
D.  Product reviews

                          –  I know lot of outlets with big discounts on daily needs.
– I can write a good product reviews on Daily needs.

E.  Farming

– Producing grains, vegetables and cereals and sell them in the market

Now filter out unneeded things by asking these questions to your inner self.

Step 2.

Find Challenges – What are those things which can be achieved but need considerable training or support? It could be logistics or monetary or both

We shall list down only the big challenges we may face.

A. Swimming.

Though I love to swim, I need a lot more practice and training to be able to participate in tournaments and make career out of it. I am quite a newbie for swimming so writing blogs are also out of question. Training to others also rules because I myself is not yet ready.

B.  Software Programming
I know software programming and I can program for custom orders received. Participating in style bidding can be frustrating at times, as people are bidding for too low prices. Establishing your name in thousands of developers from around the globe can be a daunting task. I need training or may be trial and error method to get into it.

C.  Equity Market Trading
Actual trading on stock market is never an easy and it can literally drains your emotions if not executed properly. To give credible tips / punter calls on scrips can take years together for you to gain the investor confidence.
D.  Farming
Though I love farming, It needs rigorous hands on training  and a huge investment in land and machinery, which could out of reach for many who have already settled in cities and no connection to farming or no properties at the countryside.

Consider removing these items from your list. resulting removal of lot of noise from the to-be niche list. Considering the above points we can safely remove Swimming, Equity Market trading and Farming from our list. That leaves us with Software Programming and Product reviews.

Step 3.

Find possibilities in what are those things which you can do with little bit of training or support.

Look for the training courses in your area. If it is the certification or online of training then you can check out You can further remove the noise by removing those items for which training or support cannot be easily available. Even remove those items which requires considerable amount of monetary investment, which may not be possible at times.

We have already removed such choices due to various factors.

Step 4.

Now think deeply on what are those things which you would love to continue even when you get nothing or negligible income.

Out of Software Programming and Product review. Product review could be the only one which I would continue even without much expectation of monetary rewards. Now this is your niche. Just spice it up with the area of your interest like daily needs as mentioned above.

You can chose to create a product review website or discount coupons or a combination of both, therefore we can safely come to the conclusion that writing blogs on deals available for daily needs is your niche!

You have successfully found your niche area. Now start building your website and start populating the website with your content. You can get help of this how to create content for your website.

Since we are talking about digital marketing as a whole, any area you find just spice up the blog with your niche content. This can be very well applicable to any field of entrepreneurship.

Did you try with this formulae. Just try it and let me know.

Best Website Analytics Tools

Web Analytics

Website Analytics Tools

Website Analytics Tools are used to measure, collect the digital footprints from the visitors’ to your website. Later on this data is analysed and reports are generated to understand and optimize the web usage.

Website Analytics Tools are not meant for web traffic measurement, The best usage of these tools are for business and market research. It helps to assess and improve the effectiveness of a website.

Once you have created your website using WordPress and created content for website too. Now What? People should throng to your website, because you have some fantastic content loaded on your website, right? How the people will know you have done a marvellous job. There is a need for Search Engine Optimization.

People started visiting your website. You wanted to retain the visitor base, so you created the Facebook Page and thanks to the Facebook Page Marketing, you now have a steady stream of data. You should now analyse the data gathered. But hey! How would you gather that data? There must be some tools to gather it.

Website Analytics Tools !!! Bang On! There are tools available to do the exact work. This is called web analytics or website analytics. There are web tracking or analytics tools which track the visitors’ data, do all the website data analysis for you.

With the help of these tools you can tweak the approach to satisfy the visitor’s requirements and retain the higher search ranking in search engines results page.

So, what are the Best analytics tools available for you.

Google Web Analytics

Google Web Analytics

This is perhaps the most sought after Website analytics tool from the house of Google itself. It gives many enriching and insightful features. However it does have a little bit of learning curve. So you would probably learn a bit about Google Web Analytics thru its education pages.  Google Web Analytics has added a facility for displaying the Real Time Users.

RealTime Google

How wonderful!

You get an immediate picture of who are the people are online on your website. You can then drill down to what referrals they used for coming to your website. The drill downs are available for interest, Geo, Behaviour, Technology, Mobile. etc.

Users Flow

How about knowing how users navigate through your website.

Google User flow

If we take a closer look at what’s happening for users coming from The United States.

Google Highlight Dropoff

In the above image as you can see that 162 sessions out of 193 sessions dropped off. This gives tremendous helpful insights of more than 83% users are dropping out of your website on seeing the home page. You MUST look at your design and change it. May be changing the WordPress theme or the colour combination or the layout, If you are using the WordPress to create your website,  otherwise you may lose the valuable traffic in the time to come.


How the users are coming, what is source from where users are coming to your website. This is a critical information for your website. The Acquisition Section gives you precisely this information about how visitors are coming to your website. In the above picture you can see 43% traffic is coming from the Social Media Platforms. Remember you have created a Facebook book and marketed it too. So can give a second look at it for giving second round of Facebook advertising, if you think that it will increase the visitor count and your website will be even more popular.


hitsteps realtime visitors dashboard

This is another web tracking tool available to you in freemium mode. While some basic features are available to you, they are restricted for up to 2000 page views per month.

Some cool features which I liked are

Live User Statistics on the dashboard


This is real time data display. The clear display of what is happening on the website today. you get the clear understanding.


The toolbar at the bottom of the browser keep on showing the real time data about users, on

  1. How many users are online
  2. New visitors Today
  3. Returning visitors


The Browser Tab also shows how many active users are there on the website at any given point of time. This achieved even without opening the Hitsteps Dashboard Page in the browser.

Active Online Visitors / Recent Users Information:

This section gives you information about each user and information like.

  1. Device used for viewing
  2. IP Address
  3. Browser
  4. Country
  5. Referral URL
  6. Number of pages viewed in the session.
  7. Time spent on each page.
  8. If the user is a new visitor or returning user

The most important part is you can chat with the user if the user returning frequently to your website. The most frequently visitor is displayed using the red heart symbol.

hitstep newuser

The Loyal Visitor

The visitors to your website is an essential part of success of your website. More the number of loyal visitors, more successful your website will be. This snapshot gives you an idea about the most loyal visitor on your website. With the help of chat  symbol you can chat directly with your loyal customer if it’s online.


If you click on the search icon on the top right hand side, we get data for page views per day for that particular user.

hitstep loyal visitor

The Busy times

What are the typical busy times of your website. Hitstep gives you this feature. With this feature you can simply tell yourself that what are the best timings for updating your website. So the maximum users can get your new articles as soon as they login to your website. I loved this feature.


Trigger me for something

If you like to be alerted by email or Google Talk, you have this feature for you.


You can get a trigger on your email box if certain conditions are matched. If

  1. Certain URL visited
  2. visitor from certain IP Address
  3. certain keyword is used to arrived on the website
  4. visitor is from certain city

And there are total of 19 such trigger conditions are there for you. You can get the notification using your Google talk messenger as well.

Other useful widgets comes along with the Hitstep Analytics are

Chat widget: You can install this widget on your website and offer real time help/ support for the user, If your product or service demands.

Visitor Counter: The number of visitors your website had today, or yesterday or total visitors, page views your website had. Sometimes this information is required for showing the popularity of the website.

You can Check out more about Hitsteps Web Analytics here.

There are many other tools like Piwik, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, Mixpanel, Woopra etc., however the above two are the tried and tested tools by me. I shall be posting the review of Localytics, which is mainly used for tracking of Mobile Web apps, i used it almost 2 years ago therefore I need to take a fresh look at it as lot many things have changed. Do you know any other tools which are more helpful?

Understanding Facebook Marketing Basics

Facebook Marketing

Understanding Facebook Marketing – The Basics

Facebook Marketing is an act of harnessing the reach of Facebook to the very specific user base of your choice. It is a great tool to market your product or service and increase the brand awareness as well.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing, or Internet marketing, is any methods of letting the company name know out to the public using Internet resources.

The advertisements can be varying from a subtle message to some direct sales pitching; it varies depending on the business type and the product or service.

Until very recently online marketing was restricted to the Banner Advertisement. However with the passage of time it is changing its form. The Social media marketing is new form of online marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms have emerged in a big way in the last decade, having a very powerful and HUGE following worldwide. Its impact can be measured by events such as Arab uprisings in 2011 or very recent events in southern Indian city of Chennai, where huge crowd were out in the open to protest against a judicial decision affecting their local tradition “Jallikattu” (A Bull taming game). The entire protests were organised purely through social media marketing.


Statistic: Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 3rd quarter 2016 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

As you can see the steady rise in facebook users worldwide, It is more imperative to advertise your content on the world’s most used social media platform.

Facebook Marketing

But how we can advertise our content. We have created a Facebook Page. So the very page we can advertise on Facebook as well as Instagram, using Facebook’s “Boost Post” feature. It’s nothing but advertising campaign of your page.

Let us start by going one by one into how we can advertise. Decide on which post you want to boost, To reach to maximum number of people in shortest time span.


Facebook Page

Boost your post

The “Boost Post” button on the right bottom corner as you can see, do the wonders for us. What we want to do with the advertised post. We can add different buttons as given below, Learn More is the default button which will take visitor to our website.



Other options are

fbboost button options

This depends on our intentions with the post.

Define your audience

Now it’s time for us to define who will see our advertisement. Facebook has given this beautiful feature of giving you an option to filter the audience.




Plus the Interests of the people to refine further down.



There is no point in showing your “Delicious Pasta Dish” ads to users with Marketing Interests.  You can chose to run the ad on Instagram as well.

A word of caution from my experience. I selected to run the promotion on Instagram and it ran only on Instgram and not on Facebook. So be sure where you want to run the promotion


Choose your budget

Choose your budget. This is the most important part, which will ultimately decide how many users your promotion can target and for how many days. Bucks stops here. 😉



I ran a small promotion, to give the insight for this post. The result for which I will show in some time.



Tracking of your visitors possible using the Facebook Pixel if you have created. The Facebook pixel is a piece of JavaScript code for your website that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. This enables you to track the user navigation on your website using different devices. It can be leveraged further for more effective facebook campaigns.

Let’s Preview the advertisement

This is how your promotion would look on the desktop device, It is shown on the right hand pane of the Boost Post window. You can make yourself sure on how the ads will be displayed on different devices.

fbboost desktop preview

Mobile Preview. This is again important as large number of audiences will be looking at your ad from the mobile devices. For that matter even larger than desktop users are on mobile devices.

fbboost mobile preview

If you have selected to run the ad on Instagram, this will give you a preview of how it will be displayed on Instagram.

fbboost instagram preview

You need to make advanced payments once you save these options. Credit Card, Net Banking,  Paytm Mobile Wallet options are available for Indian viewers, This may vary depending on the country where you are in.fbboost add monyfbboost add mony option

Facebook reviews the submission, Once you make a payment. Facebook make it sure that your campaign is following Facebook Advertising Policies.

fbboost review

The review process take not more than 15 minutes.  You get an email on approval of your advert and advertisement starts delivering on the Facebook.

you can see the progress on your Page screen.

fbbost status

If you click on number of people reached, You will get more insights on How the people are reacting to your advertisement.

Note: Make sure that your advert image should not have more text, as It may have impact on how the people react to your website, It may get very few engagements. We shall discuss about the Insights in details in other article.

Now decide on what you may be advertising, create some catchy image and shoot. If you use Facebook Marketing wisely, you should get the best results for your marketing endeavours. Let’s discuss in comments what was your experience with facebook ads.

Facebook Page – Simple!

create a facebook page

Facebook Page

Facebook page – There are really simple ways to get connected online to the targeted community and there is nothing more easy and simple than Facebook pages.  This is one of the best ways to tell the people that you exist online. This gives an excellent opportunity to present your business to the community of 1.871 billion active users a month.  On top of it, Facebook Pages are free to create and reach organically.
Yes! you don’t have to pay anything to invite or share to the people in your friends list. You can tag your friends as well. Facebook pages are for connect with and telling people about your businesses.

What Facebook statistics say

According to Facebook internal data Q2 2016, there are more than 60 million active business pages. More than 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger, automatically integrated with every page.

Facebook pages are responsive in nature, so you don’t have to worry about how they will look on mobile screens. There are more than 1 billion people use Facebook on their mobile every day. So it has a great possibility to reach to the maximum number of people you could even imagine.

Create your first Facebook page

There are six types of Pages you can create.

Six Types of Facebook Pages

These six types almost encompasses all the existing legal business types you can cover in the creating facebook pages. We shall look into each of these one by one.

Local Business or Place


This is most suitable for local brick and mortar style of local business like, laundry, Bar, Beauty Saloon, Doctor or Restaurant etc.

You have to select from 51 available type of businesses from the selection box. Once you fill in the business type, detailed address, It will automatically pin your address on the map inside the page. These are the available options to choose from.

Advertising/Marketing Service Event Planning Service Medical & Health
Agriculture Fashion Middle School
Airport Finance Movie Theatre
Apparel Grocery Store Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company
Arts & Entertainment Home Improvement Performance & Sports Venue
Automotive Home Improvement Service Pet Service
Aviation Home Service Public Services & Government
Bar Hospital/Clinic Real Estate
Beauty Hotel Recreation & Fitness
Book Store Hotel & Lodging Religious Organization
Business Landmark & Historical Place Restaurant
Business Service Lawyer School
Casino & Gaming Legal Shopping/Retail
College & University Library Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue
Design Local Business Tour Agency
Doctor Local Service Train Station
Environmental Service Marine Transit Stop


Company, organisation Or Institution


This type of pages is suitable for company or organisation like school, colleges, or any formally established company. There are 43 Types of companies or organisations are available to select from. You have to type in the business name along with it.

Options for this category are

Aerospace Company Energy Company Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Agriculture Company Finance Company Non-Profit Organization
Automotive Company Food & Beverage Company Organization
Biotechnology Company Government Organization Political Organization
Cargo & Freight Company Health/Beauty Political Party
Cause High School Preschool
Chemical Company Industrial Company Religious Organization
College & University Insurance Company Retail Company
Community Organization Internet Company School
Community Service Labor Union Science & Engineering
Company Legal Company Telecommunication Company
Computer Company Media/News Company Tobacco Company
Consulting Agency Medical Company Travel Company
Education Middle School
Elementary School Mining Company


Brand or Product


This is most suitable for blogger who want to make fan page for their website or any brand which you want to promote on Facebook. You can select from the 33 types of choices, they are


App Page Computers (Brand) Patio/Garden
Appliances Electronics Pet Supplies
Baby Goods/Kids Goods Food & Beverage Company Pharmaceuticals
Bags/Luggage Furniture Phone/Tablet
Board Game Games/Toys Product/Service
Brand Health/Beauty Software
Building Materials Home Decor Tools/Equipment
Camera/Photo Household Supplies Video Game
Cars Jewelry/Watches Vitamins/Supplements
Clothing (Brand) Kitchen/Cooking Website
Commercial Equipment Office Supplies Wine/Spirits


Artist, Band or Public Figure


If you are an artist or any public figure like any politician, social worker, any celebrity or any of the 30 types of person listed out there, this Facebook page type is just for you.   Check it out from the list, which suits you most.

Actor Entrepreneur News Personality
Artist Fashion Model Pet
Athlete Fictional Character Photographer
Author Film Director Political Candidate
Band Fitness Model Politician
Blogger Government Official Producer
Chef Journalist Public Figure
Coach Motivational Speaker Scientist
Comedian Movie Character Teacher
Dancer Musician Writer





If you want to promote any TV Channel or Movie Award, Podcast or anything related to entertainment. You can create a Facebook Page here. You should be from the list below for selection of this type of Facebook page.

Album Movie Character School Sports Team
Amateur Sport Team Movie Theatre Song
Book Movie/Television Studio Sports League
Book Series Music Award Sports Team
Book Store Music Chart Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue
Concert Tour Music Video Theatrical Play
Festival Performance & Sports Venue Theatrical Productions
Fictional Character Performance Art TV Channel
Library Performing Arts TV Network
Literary Arts Podcast TV Show
Magazine Radio Station TV/Movie Award
Movie Record Label



Cause or Community


No option to select from. Just enter the cause or community for which you want to create awareness and you are on.

Hold On … Let me tell you one thing which is more important. What name should you enter?

Top on the list should be, Page name must reflect the page you are creating.

There are some guidelines by Facebook, which says that

Page names can’t include:

  • Terms or phrases that may be abusive or violate someone’s rights.
  • Improper capitalization. Page names must use grammatically correct capitalization and may not include all capital letters, except for acronyms.
  • Symbols (ex: ® ) or unnecessary punctuation.
  • Long descriptions, such as a slogan. People who manage Pages can add this information to a Page’s About section.
  • Any variation of the word “Facebook.” Learn more at Brand Resources.
  • Misleading words. If a Page isn’t the official Page of a brand, place, organization or public figure, the Page name can’t mislead others into thinking it’s an official Page or that it’s managed by an authorized representative.

Page names can’t consist only of:

  • Generic words (ex: Pizza). Pages must be managed by official representatives of the topics they’re about.
  • Generic geographic locations (ex: New York). However, you can create a Page name for an organization that represents a geographic location. For example, “New York City – Mayor’s Office” and “Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain” are acceptable Page names.


You have selected the appropriate category for your goal, enter the details and click on Get Started and your page is created.

I just created a page for my other website and once created it looks like this.

New Empty Facebook Page

To make your Page a better looking and attractive, you have to update your Profile Photo/ Picture based on your interest and goals.

Write a good “About Page”, this page what lot of times is referred to while looking at your profile.

Now Add Photos, Videos, and Events for your Local businesses. You can list your products here on Shop section of your Facebook page.


You have two options either interested people should send you a message to complete the purchase.


Select the currency in which you want to trade.

You have a shop ready on your Facebook Page. Add some meat into it, add some products.

Change my Facebook Page Name

I want to change my Page Name, Can I do that?  Sure, you can do that using Click “About on the left side of your Page. Then Click on Edit Page Info, Enter the new Page name and click save changes. Review your request and click request changes.

If you want, make 10 products as featured, for the product you want to appear at the top of your page.

You can share the product on your timeline, as soon as it is added to your shop.

With this information at your hand, you can go for a killing Facebook Page which can go viral. What are your ideas on creating a facebook page, What kind of Facebook Page you may create?


Content writing for your website

Content writing

Content writing for your website

– A Case Study.

Content writing for your website can be a painstaking work. Because once you have your website created and in place. you have also understood why there is a need to have search engine optimisation, for your website marketing. For all this to work the way we want, there should be a good amount of content written on our website pages and that too should come on the first page of search engine results page. Now the question comes to your mind, how to do it.

How to write content for your website?

This question arises for many people as they are not born writers. Even for people with good writing skill writer’s block comes into play. As per Wikipedia.

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. Throughout history, writer’s block has been a documented problem.

The Solution

We do not need to worry much about this. We have saviour in the form of Google and other search engines to help us out. You must be wondering how?  We know that we are writing for humans to read and take action on it. Simultaneously we need to take Search Engines into considerations as well.

Let’s see this step by step

So let us take a case study to write content about “Cotton Candy”, the kids’ most favourite food item. Open in your favourite browser and search for “Cotton Candy” in it.

Let’s analyse what comes out of it.

cotton candy search result

There are about 29.5 Million search results presented by Google. That’s too good, right.  That means lot of people are writing and searching for the cotton candy.  Let us go down to the bottom of the page and what we see here is

cotton candy related search

Here you will get the idea about what to write in your website. The related searches what you see in the above pictures are what people are searching for on the internet. You have to write about that in you website to rank a notch above your competitors.  We will see this one by one shortly.

What to write

This is the second step in content writing for your website.

Let’s examine all related search results.


Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy

Here you can write about your pre packaged cotton candy products details, its attractive images. May be some videos you might have prepared for your products.

Cotton Candy Calories, Ingredients

People are very much health and calorie conscious nowadays.  Although cotton candy is 99% sugar, you can specify how much the calorie metrics here. What content and flavouring agents you are using to manufacture your delicious cotton candy products. You can also attach a laboratory report to indicate how much calorie and vitamins and nutrient value it has. You can show a table nutrient value tables, or actual Laboratory report here.

Cotton Candy Recipe

You do not need to expose the proprietary or confidential trade secrets of your cotton candy product flavours. However If you pose it to be more open to the visitors, people will start increase their confidence in your products. Ultimately it will increase your business.  You can shoot a video of your production unit and show it to visitors to amply reassure them that you are following the most hygienic and standardised processes to manufacture your cotton candy.

Where to buy Cotton Candy

Now this is point where you can have call for action for the user.  Specify all locations with their contact details where visitor can buy your delicious cotton candy. Indicate shipping charges, If any specifically. Highlight discounts, Offers, Coupon Codes if any. If you have online store on your website, redirect visitor there. If you have your products listed on amazon, eBay or any other online marketplaces, redirect visitor to that page.

How to make cotton candy

Shoot a Do-It-Yourself video and explain users how to make a candy, may be a very basic version, and ask for purchase of a specialised flavours from you.
Now let’s go inside of one of the link down there. We will take an example of “cotton candy ingredients” click on the link to search for this term.  Look at the results.


As you can see Ingredients of cotton candy is freely available on the internet so no point of hiding it for your products, rather highlight the best or most healthy ingredient in your products. You can advertise your product in shown like there. We shall look into it on different post. Now here as well if you go to the bottom of the page


Going forward

You can browse for other related terms to get the ideas about content writing for your website. If you are already having experience into that particular subject of interest then it is just a matter of getting the headlines to start with. The content should be human readable and for humans and therefore you should not write FOR Search engines, rather you MUST think and place your keywords and phrases strategically so that it will be search engine friendly also. However it should be secondary focus not the primary.

squirlly banner


Available Plugins

You can make use of plugins such as Squirrly or Yoast SEO WordPress plugins to help you organise your post text for search engine while you write. Even a basic free version is also of tremendous help. It depends on your website and its content and your business, if you are really serious about your online business I would recommend you to purchase the license.

Now you should not worry about content writing for your website and enjoy growing your business online.

SEO Search Engine Optimization and why you should do it.

search engine optimisation

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

We are hearing this term in online world more often. But what is SEO means?. Why should I do the search engine optimisation for my website? Should I pay hefty amount to those SEO companies? Understanding the basics is equally important in your digital marketing scheme of things.


It is a technique to mark your presence on the internet search results.  It is a technique to stand apart from the hundreds of thousands if not millions of websites on the search results page. There are various aspects associated with it, which includes how to present your website to the search engine bots/crawler. Bots or crawlers are software that are used by search engine companies to crawl through your website to collect and analyse data.

Content should be original and friendly to google bots as well as humans. Just like good person and a bad person, in SEO world also there are two terms used, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.
White Hat SEO is ethical practice of optimising the content for the humans as well as search engines.

Black Hat SEO is way of optimising the website content for search engines only. An unethical and sureshot way of sabotaging your website ranking in search results.

The first and foremost requirement for better SEO results is originality. Your content has to be original.

The words may sound simpler than the action; however it is not hard rock subject.

Why we need SEO?

Content is the king, and content should be original and informative, which will attract users to your website. But how?

How would people know that one of the best article on their wishlist is present on your website. People search information primarily through Web search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are other search engines and directories like DMOZ. Majority of the web traffic is driven by these search engines. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest also have their share of driving the web traffic.

Users key in the search phrase for the help they require.  Search engines then get the most relevant stored data, they analysed by crawling the websites. Search engine  has to know your website well, You have to feed some inputs to the search engine like, What your website is all about? What type of content your website has? What are the keywords/ phrases you would like to attract?

The basic principle here is any search engine or social media platform to drive good traffic to your website, it has to know your website very well to match the relevance of the search phrase entered and the content on website.

These bots are very smart, although they need some guidance to start with. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play. We need to organise our content for human as well as search engines.

Characteristics of good content for human as well as Search Engines.

Original Content, No Copy Pasting tolerated in the long run – Bots / Crawler softwares are smart enough and constantly evolving themselves to pick up the original text and copy-paste text.

Content has to be relevant– the content has to be relevant and make sense. The URL, Title and the Content has to be relevant with each other.

Links to the external authority websites and credits to the source of information if you have mentioned it, do matter. suggesting you have done some research.

Regular update to the post. just like we humans weed out rotten and unused things, Search engines do push down the rank of your content if not updated regularly.

Syntactically correct content.  

The Search engine optimization is nothing but giving the right, informative and original content without grammatical mistakes and should be human readable. If it is human readable and authority content, people will share your content without being asked for and keep coming back to your website frequently, If their problems are resolved from your posts and It will improve your ranking as a result, turning you into an authority on that topic.

By some basic knowledge and reading even a newbie for the internet also can do it to its website.